Conference Programme

The conference is organized in a pre-conference day (9th June 2010), where tutorials, workshops, the doctoral consortium, and the welcome reception are taking place.

The main conference takes place on the 10th and 11th June 2010, and is organized in a wide variety of [sessions →] where long papers (25 minutes incl. questions & answers), and short papers (15 minutes incl. questions & answers) are presented. Additionally the main conference offers two [keynotes →], [industrial cases →], [demonstrations →], [posters →], a visionaries club, the [EuroITV Grand Challenge Competition→], and two [panels →]. More information on other events taking place during these two days can be found in the conference programme.

Conference Days

9th June 2010 Pre-conference day: tutorials, workshops, welcome reception
10th June 2010: First conference day: keynote, technical programme, demonstrations, exhibition, banquet
11th June 2010: Second conference day: morning keynote, technical programme, posters, best paper award, closing

Conference Highlights


Keynote 1: Future Challenges for Broadcasters
Marcos Gonzalez-Flower, Global Head, Media Consulting Siemens, UK
Thursday, 10th June, 9:30-10:15, Auditorium

Ubiquitous, cheap broadband and changing consumer behaviours are dramatically changing the way broadcasters are looking at the media industry. As Siemens travels the globe discussing the challenges its customers face, it is clear that at the forefront of there thoughts and concerns is the ultimate shape the media industry will take in the future. Using Siemens experience and the input from its customers and prospects Siemens will present a view of the future of media and the changes that broadcasters and content creators must consider if they are to survive.
Short Bio: Marcos Gonzalez-Flower is the Global Head of Media Consulting at Siemens. Marcos runs a highly successful team of over 50 international media experts supporting media organisations around the globe ranging from the BBC in the UK to the SABC in South Africa and Corus Entertainment in Canada. With 25 years experience in the IT industry designing and implementing leading edge solutions Marcos has witnessed dramatic changes in the technologies and approaches employed to deliver services and solutions across all industries. Marcos sees the Media industry as the last great industry to truly embrace digital commodity based solutions. Driven by changes in consumer behaviour and the introduction of disruptive technologies Marcos believes the Media industry is quite possibly the most exciting place to be.

Keynote 2: Real-Time Context and Immersion Providing Uniquely new Mobile Experiences
Jyri Huopaniemi, Director, Nokia Research Center Tampere, Finland
Friday, 11th June, 9:30-10:15, Auditorium

Real-time context awareness has brought an entirely new dimension into mobile applications and services. The convergence of internet and mobility today enables real-time contextual information to be created and shared at any time and at any place. This real-time situational awareness combined with emerging immersive technologies such as mixed reality and 3-D rendering will provide new interactive experiences for mobile life. In this talk, interactive solutions at the intersection of real-time context awareness and immersion will be explored. Examples of ongoing research projects will be given, and a roadmap for future research challenges will be presented.

Short Bio: Jyri Huopaniemi is Director of the Nokia Research Center Tampere laboratory. He joined Nokia in 1998 and has held various research leadership positions in Nokia in the fields of multimedia technology, mobile applications and interaction. In his current role, Dr. Huopaniemi is leading NRC’s research laboratory in Tampere, Finland that carries out strategic and long-term research on innovative media and communications solutions, including user experience and design, immersive communication, mixed reality, multimodal sensing and context, audiovisual content representation and end-to-end multimedia platforms. Dr. Huopaniemi received his doctoral degree from Helsinki University of Technology in 1999. He is also an adjunct professor of media technology and software at the Aalto University’s department of media technology.


Panel 1: Over-the-Top-TV: How is the Emergence of Internet TV Impacting the User-Experience of Traditional Pay-TV
Michael J. Darnell, Microsoft, US

With the rapid growth of Internet TV (a.k.a. over-the-top TV, online TV, broadband video, etc.), many people are becoming familiar with new user experiences of video and TV consumption. Which aspects of the internet TV user experiences are making their way into traditional pay TV? Our panel of experts will discuss and give their insights on this topic.


Mike Darnell, Microsoft
Roger Lay, Sapient-Nitro
Kathrin Damian, Alcatel Lucent
Olof Schybergson, FJORD

Panel 2: iTV in Public Administration
Agnes Jenei, Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary

Has t-government (television-government) a realistic future outside the Big Brother of George Orwell? What kind of role the iTV can have in the multi-channel Public Administration communication? What are the characteristics of t-government in relation to that of e-government or m-government? Experts from different countries will present cases and experiences and will discuss on these issues.


Guy Giles, Looking Ahead
Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko, Univ. of Tampere
Istvan Tozsa, Corvinus, Univ. of Budapest
Vicente F. de Lucena Jr, Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM)
Agnes Jenei, Corvinus Univ. of Budapest

Visionary Club

The ‘Visionaries Club” has two basic goals. First, it shall gather the authors of the most visionary papers to discuss their ideas. Second, the total submissions made to the EuroITV 2010 conference shall be examined and analysed. The result shall be a journal special issue compiling the outcome of this think-tank. Interested participants will be invited or shall express their interest before the conference to the chairs.

EuroITV Competition Grand Challenge
The organizers of EuroITV 2010 are extremely happy to announce that this year’s edition of the conference brings with it a novel element. For the first time in its history, the EuroITV conference organizes a competition, open for anyone willing to take on the challenge of enhancing the viewing experience.

Pressing play and watching as moving images unfold on a screen or display is ultimately – in the eyes of the audience – a desire to enjoy an experience. We might want to watch a movie to be entertained or the news to stay informed on current events. Watching an episode of a favourite TV-series might help us decompress after a long day of hard work. Interacting with the content adds to that experience, for example, playing online games in relation to a television documentary might enhance learning in a fun way.

So, we created the EuroITV 2010 Grand Challenge Competition to premiere creators, developers and designers of interactive video content, applications and services that enhance the television and video viewing experience for consumers worldwide. The criteria for taking part in the competition was that the interactive TV content, applications, products and service concepts must have been finalized during 2009 or 2010.

We received 13 entries, out of which an international jury of iTV experts will select a winner, to be announced at the conference in Tampere. Stay tuned for the award ceremony on Thursday!

Susanne Sperring of Åbo Akademi University, FIN
Robert Strzebkowski of Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin, GER
Milena SZ of Manifesto 21, BRA